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                                                      Water Efficiency Projects


Municipal CII Water Efficiency Study and Program Development
This project entailed a detailed analysis of water use and development of a water efficiency program for the commercial, industrial and institutional (nonresidential) sector of water users in the City of Petaluma. The focus of this study was on performance-based financial incentives priced just below the unit lifecycle avoided cost of throughput infrastructure. Analysis indicated that a $10 million program would offset all new demand over next ten plus years with a greater than 1.7 benefit-to-cost ratio for the City.  The study illustrated the opportunity to create efficiency improvements for all resource flows thereby providing economic development while reducing ecological footprint at the municipal scale. This project has been recognized by an award from US EPA to the City of Petaluma, The Bay Institute of San Francisco, and Pacific Technology Associates. Implementation of the initial phases of the study’s recommendations are currently underway.


Business Park Water Efficiency Program
This audit of Cisco Systems’ seven building business campus in Petaluma, California, identified efficiency measures that would reduce water consumption and costs by  55%, with a simple payback of one year. 


Apparel Manufacturer Water Efficiency Project
We showed this small apparel manufacturing company how to reduce water use by 46% with a simple payback of four years.


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