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                                                       Sustainability & 
                                                       Restorative Development

The list of major contributors to the fields of sustainability and restorative development is a long one. Here are some of those individuals whose influence on us personally or professionally has been the greatest...

Amory Lovins - Rocky Mountain Institute
Mr. Lovin’s seminal article in Foreign Affairs in 1976 remains a benchmark in the literature.  Since then, his careful and well-documented analytical approach has provided scientists, political leaders and organizational executives with the tools, support and vision for turning their organizations and communities in more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective directions.  In addition to collaborating professionally with Dr. Lovins, we have employed his approach on every major resource efficiency project in which we have been involved.

Donella Meadows (1941-2001)
One of the first people to put all the pieces together on a global scale, with her books, The Limits to Growth, and Beyond the Limits.

Lester Brown - Earth Policy Institute
Described as “one of the world’s most influential thinkers,” he has for many years, published comprehensive, detailed updates on the status of humankind’s impacts on the planet, in his “State of the World” reports, and many other publications, including his recent book, The Eco-Economy.

Paul Hawken
An entrepreneur, environmentalist, author, educator and lecturer, he was one of the first to translate the concerns, issues and orientation of sustainability into the language of business and commerce.  Among his many books is Natural Capitalism, co-authored by Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins.

Karl Henrik Robčrt - The Natural Step
Developer of the elegant System Conditions for sustainability with his science-based Natural Step methodology, employed by organizations and governments throughout the world.

Mathis Wackernagel
Provided groundbreaking leadership in enabling individuals, organizations and regions to quantifiably and absolutely define their impacts on the natural systems and the planet. Author of Our Ecological Footprint.

William McDonough - McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry
He has provided a brilliant and accessible articulation of the direction of our current economy and a new way to approach the way we design and build things. His recent book, Cradle to Cradle, co-authored with Michael Braungart, is a compelling and inspiring read.



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