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Launching an Organic Creamery
In 1989, developed the business plan for Straus Family Creamery, the first organic creamery west of the Mississippi.  As of 2003, the creamery is flourishing, and is currently planning a significant expansion of its operations, to meet market demand for its products. The source dairy features an anaerobic digester to process manure and concentrated creamery waste.


Redesigning an HMOís Information Technology Department
Designed and facilitated the organization-wide assessment and reconfiguration of the IT function in this 70,000 member regional HMO.


Designing and launching an Organizational Performance Assessment Program
Working in partnership with the Vice President of Administration, designed and integrated an innovative Performance Assessment program in this 225 employee organization, linking corporate strategic objectives to individual and departmental priorities, while encouraging and recognizing the effective management of cross-functional commitments and coordination required to fulfill this organizationís mission. 


Overhauling a National Trade Associationís Strategic Vision
Designed and facilitated a strategic assessment process with the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of this national trade association, resulting in the development of an important, unexpected opportunity for expanding industry reach and for redefining senior managementís strategic focus.



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