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                                                     Performance Improvement

Well-designed and properly maintained equipment is essential for optimally efficient use of energy, water and raw materials. But the main driver of an organizationís enduring success is always the quality of its peopleís interactions: the way they think together, share knowledge and collaboratively manage their commitments.  You can think of this as an organizationís ďinteractional efficiency,Ē or collaborative performance.  This type of efficiency rarely happens by accident; it must be designed into an organizationís culture and supported through thoughtful policies, business processes and management practices.  Fortunately, it can also be learned.

Resource Performance Partners brings over twenty years of senior management and collaborative performance coaching and training to organizations in the business, government, education and non-profit sectors, both in the U.S. and internationally.  We coach senior executive teams, boards of directors, cross-functional workteams and multi-stakeholder groups in high performance collaboration, planning and problem-solving. Additional services include:

  • Conducting Collaborative Management Audits to identify opportunities for increasing the collaborative performance and leadership of an organizationís management team.
  • Facilitating Cross-functional Performance Labs that identify critical organizational performance concerns and opportunities and establish clear action plans and  commitments for accountable action.
  • Leading training programs and coaching teams and organizations in Collaborative Leadership, and Sustainable Performance, designed around the organizationís specific strategic objectives and existing capabilities.


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