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Our work is guided by four principles...

Systems Orientation: A key to maximizing the potential benefits of resource efficiency improvements is to employ systems thinking.  Just as better value in energy efficiency is often achieved by considering multiple technologies instead of just one, value further increases by expanding the view to address efficiency across multiple resource flows, and then going beyond an organizationís borders to consider the larger ecological, social, and economic systems within which an organization operates.  A systems orientation provides the opportunity to achieve elegant and synergistic solutions that address multiple challenges simultaneously, many of which may not be initially apparent.

Integrated Performance: Designing, implementing, and maintaining high performance programs inevitably involves navigating an organizationís management, political, and social structures.  It requires that people from different departments and disciplines (and often outside stakeholders) come together to develop shared understanding and commit to new practices and policies.  Thoughtful design and delivery of the educational groundwork is also critical to enable participants to effectively operate within and to maintain the new direction.  Resource Performance Partnersí capabilities reflect the synergy of technical with organizational and collaborative expertise needed to design and implement comprehensive resource efficiency solutions that are fully integrated within the fabric of an organizationís operations and strategic objectives.

Local Knowledge: A keen understanding of physical, social and political conditions within which a project is developed is essential for developing effective, efficient and well integrated solutions. Projects that fit naturally with the human and natural ecology of a community and region will be more successful and enduring than those conjured out of conceptual or financial models alone, with little regard for the local context and conditions.   Resource Performance Partners works closely with the individuals, institutions and other stakeholders that know their own locality well and are committed to successful outcomes, to help ensure that projects are relevant and valued by all.

Restorative Development: Resource Performance Partners is committed to Restorative Developmentóa term reflecting the leading edge of Sustainable Development practice.  It is possible to develop projects that both enhance business growth and success, while also restoring natural systems and improving the health and well-being of the local community.  This is what we are all about.


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