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                                                    Organizational Performance

The past twenty or so years have seen a huge volume of theories, programs, consulting models and publications on the theme of organizational performance and management. It can be daunting to ferret out the truly meaningful and enduring work from all the rest. 

The following short list does not pretend to be definitive or comprehensive. It simply acknowledges some of the individuals who have most deeply influenced our professional thinking and development, and who have made unique contributions to the field...

Chris Argyris
A seminal thinker and practitioner in the field of organizational action and learning. He has revealed a largely unexamined level of thinking and action that profoundly shapes the performance of organizational leaders. In addition to publishing many articles in leading business journals, he has written numerous books, including Action Science, Organizational Learning, Knowledge for Action and others.

Fernando Flores
Former finance minister of Chile, business philosopher, author and consultant, Dr. Flores synthesized an important new understanding of the critical interplay between language, biology, business and philosophy.  His articulation of the “Atom of Work” and the role of linguistic action and commitment has opened up a new approach to individual, social and organizational behavior. Among the books he has coauthored are Understanding Computers and Human Cognition, Disclosing New Worlds, and Building Trust

Rafael Echeverria
Sociologist, author and business consultant, Dr. Echeverria further developed the groundbreaking work of Fernando Flores into what he terms “The Ontology of Language,” which has important implications for interpersonal and organizational collaboration and performance. Author of numerous books and articles (mostly in Spanish), and founder of Newfield Consulting, Dr. Echeverria consults worldwide and leads the management course “The Art of Business Coaching” in Latin America and Europe. 

Richard Strozzi Heckler - Strozzi Institute
A pioneer in applying the disciplines of somatics and martial arts to diverse fields such as business, leadership, health and military training, Dr. Strozzi holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido, consults and teaches, and has published numerous articles and books, including In Search of the Warrior SpiritThe Anatomy of Change, and Being Human at Work: Bringing Somatic Intelligence into Your Professional Life (2003).



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