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                                                      Multi-Stakeholder Projects

Resource Performance Partners brings many years of experience facilitating and mediating multi-party processes to produce economically, socially and technically sound solutions to complex (and often socially-charged) challenges.

Examples of the types of projects we have worked on include:

    • Developing and implementing a High Performance Water Efficiency Program, designed to reduce non-residential municipal water demand, with performance-based public financial incentives to support private initiatives
    • Creating a regional public/private Agricultural Waste Management project to improve agricultural financial viability while recovering renewable energy, fiber, and nutrients; preserving open space, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and building regional capacity for delivering restorative services.
    • Resolving a dispute involving a municipality, major developers, numerous construction sub-contractors, insurance carriers and community members, resulting in agreement and implementation of an acceptable, permanent and cost-effective resolution.
    • Bringing together diverse consituents, including third party funders, educators, county department heads and community members to create and launch a youth justice program that offers community support, education and reconciliation opportunities to youth criminal offenders.


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