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                                                    Integrated Resource Planning

It’s a fact: Almost every commercial, industrial or institutional facility in this country consumes more energy and other resources than it requires.  Outdated design, obsolete equipment, insufficient maintenance support, and uninformed operating practices may all contribute to wasted resources and money.  But there are larger, systemic challenges at play as well:  Utility delivery infrastructure, local policies, rate structures and other factors also contribute to the historical patterns of resource consumption.

By carefully examining actual resource usage and creatively exploring alternative technologies and synergies—both within a facility and within other local systems, resource consumption—and costs—can often be reduced by as much as 50% or more.  Resource Performance Partners brings broad, multi-disciplinary expertise and experience to industrial, commercial and institutional clients to identify areas of cost savings and implement cost-effective, comprehensive solutions. Our services include:

  • Opportunities Analyses to identify potential areas for resource efficiency gain
  • Investment Grade Audits of water, energy, materials and wastestreams (baseline resource consumption, and development of alternative scenarios that meet client’s financial, ecological, and strategic criteria)
  • Project development, implementation and performance monitoring
  • Analysis, Design and Development of Public Sector Resource Programs
    • High Performance Water Efficiency Programs (city, county, regional)
    • Resource Efficiency components of Economic Development Programs
    • Analysis and strategic policy design to support higher performing public/private approaches to regional resource management.



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